Times Are A Changin

Did you happen to see the online article regarding the response of “why is my balance so low?” A bank we won’t mention pretty much said on Twitter “…make your coffee at home,” …and shut up!

Here’s the link below…


I mean, …REALLY?!!!

With thousands of people losing their jobs each month due to job cuts, aging, A.I., and other factors that are changing our country, and even countries around the world, “make your coffee at home” …is their best answer?!!!

I am so happy we found Wealthy Affiliate! WA gives us an opportunity each day to learn ways online that can change our financial futures. WA gives us HOPE!

I am still working full-time, but only as a “contractor” in a corporate setting, but I can feel each day how the market is slowing down. That is why when I have the time to place another brick in my goal to financial freedom online, I am doing it! Bills still need to be paid and timing is of the essence, and WA is here for us to make our freedom a reality.

So, if you are taking your own sweet time about building a financial future online, and you have the time to do it now, then my advice to you is …GET BUSY!  Because… “times are a changin“.

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Blessings to you all.