Flower Talk – Give Em’ All You’ve Got!

Today, I went for a walk and found this beautiful patch of Tulips
along the way. But there was the one you just couldn’t miss. Its petals
were just screaming, “LOOK AT ME!”  So, I did.

I just had to take a picture of it (actual photo below) and share it with all of you, because this simple little flower talk with such a short life shouted at me to remember that when things look too challenging for you…don’t give up!

Flower Talk – You must remember to push through, and make things happen, even when everyone else seems to be betting against you.

Flower Talk – Tulip talking… “I know it’s been hard for you. But just imagine what it’s like to be a flower?! I know sometimes the winds of life try to blow you down, blow you out, and leave you feeling cold and alone. I’m here to remind you that I didn’t give up. I’m here standing strong, just to get your attention. So don’t you dare give up or give in! When you are feeling weak and worn out, just remember how tall, bright and beautiful I showed you that YOU CAN STILL BE!

Here at Wealthy Affiliate, our awesome community of affiliates will remind you why you are here. We help inspire each other and cheer each other on when we have small and large successes.  So, don’t you let a little flower show you up! You remember how beautiful you really are, and when it comes down to you starting your new business online, you will not be alone.  Come visit our community.  We will help you to …GIVE EM’ ALL YOU’VE GOT!

…Flower Talk!

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